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A couple of years ago we had this idea for a book. We kicked around for a while then actually sat down and came up with an outline. To both our surprise it looked good, really good. So the next day we started to write and after a few chapters we began to realize this was not only going to be great but twice as long as we had originally planned.

There are several factors that inspired us to write this book. First and foremost is the fact that both of us have worked in an office or in a large corporate environment for most of our careers. Secondly more than anything we did not just write this book we live the book. Other reasons include the fact that it would be fun to write this book and it was, it is a relatively unique idea and believe it or not we think our wisdom may actually help some people.

This book is, as the title implies, about how to get ahead in work and life using as little effort as possible. One thing I need to get straight is this is not a book about how get ahead being lazy. Far from it, it is about how to become efficient and streamlined, how to do a good job to make yourself look good and make sure you get/take the credit you deserve (and sometimes don't really deserve). By doing this you have time for yourself and the things you enjoy. One of the things we strive for is to show that we are serious in the book but at the same time inject as much humor to the book as we can.

To accomplish this we have made sure to discuss all potential blocks that one may have to overcome. We have covered everything from converting laziness into efficiency to office politics. There are several more topics in between, which is covered more completely in the book. In general we try to convey that one's work can be completed quickly and efficiently and leave more time for ones self (a good example of this is that we used this time at work to complete this book). More than anything, and we stress this throughout the book continuously, is that you must let common sense rule the day.

To look at this a little more detailed we start the book with an assessment test just to see where you stand in terms of how much help you need. We then cover several topics that will help to become more efficient and appear more efficient to your superiors and co-workers. Other topics we cover, such as office politics, are topics that should be avoided and if you should become embroiled in them how to get out with minimum damage. We also cover other areas that need to be addressed, such as extra curricular discussions, work schedule and several other topics that are relevant. Finally we close with another self-assessment test to see if there is an improvement or if you need to go through the book again.

I mentioned before that we not only wrote the book but that we live it. Well this is true. We have both worked in an office or big corporate environment for all of our adult careers. First both Bob and Rod have worked for one of the largest movie theatre chains in Canada carefully honing their skills to get ahead with little effort. After 10 years for Bob and 5 years for Rod in the theatre business we finally decided to get out (low pay, high stress). This is an example that while we don't directly discuss in the book we do mention that the proper job is essential. Bob moved into the telecommunications industry where he polished those skills and turned it more into an art form. Rod, however took a little different path, jumped to a couple of different companies, several of which were in strict office environments. For Rod the path was far more difficult but he had to practice more to finally get to where he is today.

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